Xcode Life forays into Nutrigenomics and launches Gene Nutrition test; Know all about this test and its cost – Healthcare News

Xcode Life on Wednesday announced that it has now forayed into Nutrigenomics. The company has launched India’s most comprehensive Gene Nutrition test covering nearly 50 aspects of nutrition.

The test looks into macro (carbs, protein, and fats) breakup according to genotype, vitamin, and mineral deficiency risk, eating behaviours, weight management with nutrition, taste preferences, diet responses, and food sensitivities, the company announced.

As part of its focus on Nutrigenomics, Xcode studies how food interacts with and affects gene expression and health, and how one’s genes affect the way one’s body responds to food.

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“Nutrigenomic approaches are being employed globally to bring a significant scientific base to the health and wellness industry. It makes nutrition suggestions more credible and personalized according to everyone’s unique genetic makeup. In the days to come, Nutrigenomics will be increasingly employed in various healthcare sectors, from dermatology to oncology,” the company said in a statement.

The Nutrigenomics’ global market size was valued at USD 387.48 Million in 2022 and is projected to reach USD 1,334.77 Million by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 16.7% from 2023 to 2030. The fastest growing market is Asia Pacific. India offers great market potential for Nutrigenomics. India is home to more than 2000 ethnic groups; thus, genetic diversity varies substantially among Indian populations. The prevalence of chronic diseases is on the rise in the country. About 21% of the elderly in India (2.2 crore people) reportedly have at least one chronic disease.

The high prevalence of genetic variations makes Indians more prone to obesity. Given this scenario, Nutrigenomics has a crucial role to play in bettering the healthspan of Indians, as it offers a customized diet approach based on every individual’s unique genetic makeup.

About the test: According to the company’s press statement, Xcode Life’s nutrigenomic analysis provides customers a comprehensive understanding of how every individual’s unique genetic makeup influences their nutrition needs. Expert analysts analyse the genetic data, to create a personalized Gene nutrition report, offering deep insights into various aspects of nutrition tailored individually. The test allows an individual to discover how genes impact metabolism, nutrient absorption, food sensitivities, and more, enabling them to attain knowledge and take charge of their health and well- being, it claimed.

“Having helped several customers globally with our personal genomics solutions, we are thrilled to now introduce the Gene Nutrition Test in India. With Xcode Life’s Nutrigenomic tests, people can now understand their health from the core of it all – their genes. This can pave the way for effective and optimal dietary and lifestyle
modifications to improve overall health and well-being. From reducing disease risk and improving healthspan to sleeping better and waking up with great skin, nutrigenomic tests are going to be game changers in personalized healthcare. The company also plans to scale up its team to include more field agents who will approach nutritionists and prominent labs for partnerships,” R Narayanan, CEO, Xcode Life said in a statement.

Pricing: The Gene Nutrition test requires a preliminary DNA test. The DNA test is priced at Rs. 7,500 while the individual Nutrigenomic tests are priced at Rs. 3,500 each.


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