Northeast TAC Healthcare helps local athlete battle to Bronze In Taekwondo European Championships

AN ABERDEEN-based healthcare group has supported a local Stonehaven athlete with her plans to continue her aspirations of competing on the world stage in the AETF European Taekwondo Championship which took place in Romania in April.

Katrina Carr, 25, of Stonehaven and World & European Taekwondo Champion, had endured an on-going hip injury with 6 months of pain and was in doubt as to whether she could compete in the European event. Following word-of-mouth recommendation from a friend who had received physio and rehabilitation support for an injury, Katrina contacted Dyce-based TAC Healthcare in the hope that they could assist with getting her fighting fit and pain-free to compete. 

Having started Taekwondo at nine years old, Katrina holds her 3rd degree blackbelt. She has been training for 16 years with Boydell Blackbelt Academies based in Laurencekirk and has competed for Scotland since 2012. 

Talking of her injury and doubt as to whether she would make the championships, Katrina said: “This was my last resort in terms of trying to treat my injury and being pain free to compete. I was still training but experiencing some pain from an on-going hip injury. When I met with Jenni, the lead physio at TAC, she was honest and transparent but was also very aware of the timescale in which I had to be fighting fit, which was 6 weeks! There is a fine line between pushing for a quick recovery and knowing that you won’t cause any long-term damage.”

Katrina continued: “A podium finish wasn’t really in my mind as I just wanted to know that I could compete at the championships pain-free and just planned to try my best. To come away with 2 x bronze medals and no pain was just incredible. The TAC team all working under one roof in Aberdeen meant that there was consistency, and it was obvious they were communicating closely on my treatment and rehab, and everything got done so much quicker. I can’t thank Jenni and the team enough in treating and supporting me in placing bronze. For now, it’s the summer off for some R&R and then I have my eyes on the Euros again next April.”

Speaking of the treatment and support given to Katrina, Jenni Butler, Lead Physiotherapist at TAC Healthcare, said: “For competing athletes on Katrina’s level I fully understand the time constraints in getting a competing sportsperson ‘match ready’, whether that’s on the football field, in a boxing ring or in Katrina’s case a dojang. Katrina received physiotherapy and a diagnosis, was referred directly to our MRI then received ultrasound-guided hip joint injections within a 3-4 week time scale. Since taking delivery of our MRI scanner last year, this has allowed us to expand our relationships with sporting teams and gives fast access imaging for local athletes. From sports professionals to weekend warriors, we can now offer patients rapid appointments following a healthcare professional’s referral. Having our own MRI scanner on-site allowed us to expand the current physiotherapy department, giving fast access imaging for individuals and local sporting teams. We can support patients quickly and effectively, with one team under one roof. We also have joint pain clinics which support both diagnosis of joint issues and the management of chronic joint pain prior to or as an alternative to joint replacement surgeries.”

Jenni continued: “Having the technology and specialist teams at TAC means we can provide a full treatment plan in a fast timeframe from a multidisciplinary team, working across departments to provide new and existing patients with an enhanced patient experience. This particularly strengthens our multidisciplinary comprehensive sports injury services, from diagnosis, through treatment plans, which can include ultrasound-guided joint injections or monitoring of a healing process utilising our available imaging services, both of which Katrina received.”

Jenni concluded: “There continues to be a strain on the NHS and we view ourselves as a support arm for patients with an urgent need to have alternative physio and rehabilitation options in place. As of the 1st May 2023, **specialist musculoskeletal (MSK) wait time on the NHS is 21 weeks and diagnostic radiology is 34 weeks wait time so to be able to treat Katrina in 3 – 4 weeks and for her to compete in 6 was incredible to see. We are very proud of her. The team at TAC work together with a common aim of providing excellence in healthcare and we look forward to continuing to support Katrina with her on-going physio and rehab and seeing her continue to compete and perform at the top of her game.”

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